Mission Statement
We aim to provide a one-stop solution to our clients to help them communicate their key messages to the media, policy makers, influencers and all stakeholders in a professional, ethical and most effective way and cultivate a conducive business and regulatory environment for them to meet their organizational goals.
We and Our Strength
PR Consultants has been created by a team of well-trained, highly experienced professionals having rich contacts in the media, government and civil society with just the right mix of skills, resources and Credibility to meet their clients PR objectives.

PR Consultants enjoys rich networking in the:

print and electronic media
provincial and federal government departments
political parties
trade bodies and associations
Non-governmental organizations

What is Good PR?

We summarize good PR in a single word: Credibility.

According to a Chinese proverb: “Credibility takes years to build but can evaporate in an instant.”

Time and again, many organizations, including the largest and most powerful in the world, have suffered tarnished reputation and tattered credibility because they mismanaged the PR aspects of problems or opportunities. On the other hand, the smartest individuals and institutions realized how proper public relations can help.

Perception and Reality

While PR is viewed simply as publicity, a public relations effort may be seen as an ‘extra’ that only strains the budget.

But, in an information society, public relations in all its forms is an essential component in the marketing mix. It can make or break a product, service, project or venture.


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